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Most Popular Questions (6)

Can i Import my own Proxy List?
Yes, click "Load Proxies" and load your Proxy List in the Tool to check for Online Status etc.
Can i use the Tool in 2 or more Computer, Laptop?
Yes you can use the Tool in 2 and more Computer, Laptop (You can do this, but it is not allowed to send your Tool to other people to do this)
Why the Tool Not Start?
This can have more reasons, you have to find the problem. Mostly you need to install before ".Net Framework 4.5 (its Free Download)". If you use "Antivirus, Firewall or Security Suite then make sure your Software is not blocking our Tools. (Check the Blocking List and if its Blocked, then try to Unblock or try other Antivirus, Firewall or Security Suite)
What is the Best OS for your Tools? (OS = Operating System)
The Best OS is "Windows7 64 Bit", you can Download "Windows 7 Trial 30 Days for Free" and just install ".Net Framework 4.5" to use our Tools.
How can i use your Tools?
Please check out our Video Tutorials, we always make Video Tutorials for our Tools, if the Video is to fast, then just pause the Video or watch again.
Are Software/Tool Fix for Free if Tool Stop Working?
Yes, Software/Tool Fix is for Free if we Fix the Newest Tool Versions. (We will send you E-Mail about New Update to Login and Download Newest Version for Free)

Technical Support (3)

Is there E-Mail Support for FREE Tools?
No, there is no E-Mail support for FREE Tools, but sometimes we can answer short Non-Costumer questions too, can take longer.
How long this will take to get answer with E-Mail Support?
In our working time its 0-24 hour (Normally we answer instant without big waiting time with Premium Pro Support)
What Language is the E-Mail support?
You can talk with us English and German
Why can i not Login to Shop or reset my password?
Mostly your Web Browser makes problems, please try other like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc, this will fix your problems. (Update Web Browser too and clear Cache/Cookies if still not fixed and try again)

Computer, Laptop, Internet etc (2)

Can i use Virtualbox with your Tools?
Yes, you can install Virtualbox with New Windows to use our Tools. You can also run VPN only from Virtualbox.
What CPU and RAM i need for your Tools?
You can use our Tools with Old Computer with 500MB RAM, better use faster Computer with more RAM 2GB+.

Tips and Tricks (1)

What is the fastest way to get the Vip Pro Tools?
At the moment "Paypal" is the fastest way to get our Vip Pro Tools. With Paypal you will get your Password without waiting time, our Server will send you automatically the Password to Login and Download your Tools. (Normally 0-2 Minutes)
Best result with Proxy Shark?
1. Open Proxy Shark 2. Get New Internet Proxies with the Button 3. Remove Save "unchecked Proxy List" 4. Open the "unchecked Proxy List", Remove Duplicates then click "Start - Proxy Checker" 5. wait and save all "Checked Proxies".

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